Working for Labor in the New Jersey & New York Regions

Who We Are

We are a premier Law Firm with the sole purpose of representing unions and employees throughout the New Jersey and New York Region.

Our Mission
Our lawyers are focused on providing assertive representation designed to preserve our clients’ employment rights and the promise of their professional futures.


Law Enforcement

The attorneys at MSM specialize in all matters that effect our police, from discipline and termination to contract negotiations. We are authorized members of the PBA Legal Defense Fund.

Public Sector Law

From labor disputes to discipline, we are the recognized experts in the area of Public Sector Labor law. Never take your contracts or disciplinary hearing lightly. Let MSM ensure your fair treatment.

Private Sector Law

As with the public sector, there are many private sector employment related issues that can affect your livelihood. MSM have a team of lawyers who are experts in the field waiting to work with you.

Wrongful Termination

Have you been fired from your job and felt you were “wrongfully terminated”? There are many complicated rules that govern termination and you will need an experienced legal team to see you get a fair shake. 


The attorneys at the Law Office of Mets, Schiro & McGovern, LLP are committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients. Our lawyers are focused on providing assertive representation designed to preserve their clients’ rights and the promise of their clients’ futures. We recognize that our clients deserve nothing less than our best efforts and performance.


James M. Mets

Founding Partner

James M. Mets, is a founding partner of Mets Schiro & McGovern, LLP. He concentrates his practice in representing both public and private sector unions in all aspects of labor-management relations, with a particular emphasis on public sector collective negotiations.

Leonard C. Schiro

Founding Partner

Leonard C. Schiro, is a founding partner of the firm and has spent his entire legal career in the field of Labor and Employment Law. He has helped shape the laws concerning labor unions and employee rights with pivotal cases, including his Supreme Court victory in IFPTE Local 196 v. New Jersey Highway Authority.

Kevin P. McGovern


Kevin P. McGovern, is a partner of the Firm and brings many years of experience in government to his practice of labor law. He held the position of Director of the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and was responsible for maintaining labor relations between the State of New Jersey and over 60,000 State workers.

Latest News

Municipal Managers Recognize James Mets

James Mets, founding partner of Mets, Schiro and McGovern, LPP, was recently recognized by the New Jersey Municipal Management Association for speaking at the NJMMA Conference in Woodbridge , NJ. See the attached thank you letter for details on this recognition. View...

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